February 1, 2018

Special Showing of Viable

On June 25, 2020 at #NRLC2020, ViableThe Truth of Christ’s Love in One Act will open our convention.

Join us for a dinner theater experience on Thursday, June 25, 2020! Dinner at 6 P.M. will be followed by an incredible performance of Viable at NRLC 2020 in Herndon, VA. Register here

Viable is for the live stage. In 60 minutes, with three actors and two chairs, an unforgettable tale will unfold before you; a tale of heartbreak, grieving, sorrow, and shame. As only God can, He restores the wages of heartbreak, grieving, sorrow, and shame through grace, unmitigated mercy, and forgiveness. He puts condemnation aside in favor of comfort and compassion for a woman who has lost her child to abortion and paid a terrible emotional price.

The Viable storyline captures an unforgettable confrontation as an aborted child visits her mother nearly 30 years later. The mother has carried guilt and grief for all that time, trying all the while to protect her emotional stability by professing the mantras that abortion providers originally used to comfort her.  Despite her best efforts, the mother has always secretly questioned the pro-abortion stance she clung to so desperately to justify her decision.

Forgiven and restored, the mother vows to share both her long-held secret and her newly-found spiritual freedom with her living daughter who is considering an abortion. As highly controversial and electrically charged a social issue as abortion is, Viable follows a journey of forgiveness, renewal, and hope through the eyes of one woman who carried a burden of despair.

Viable is not about the politics of abortion, legality of abortion, or even the constitutionality of abortion. Viable presents the truth about Christ’s love, healing, and redemption. This dramatic presentation is one way we minister to the nation and the world to educate audiences about life events through the lens of a Christian worldview. Learn more here!

Audience Reviews:

“Amazing! Moving and touching play.”

“Absolutely beautiful! Deeply moving and wonderfully played out.”

“Thank you for bringing to life the reality of the grief and regret of the post-abortive woman.”

“Please express my grateful thanks and deep appreciation to John and the cast of Viable for an excellent performance of Viable. It was an outstanding event which demonstrated that a great deal of preparation, rehearsal, and prayer had been invested in this event. More importantly, however, it handled a controversial and sensitive issue with grace, doing so through a cast, who were so gifted, the audience found them to be believable and accessible each time a new level of emotional interaction was reached. Please, thank everyone involved and I look forward to hearing great reports from tonight’s performance.” – Dr. Richard Gibbons, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC