February 5, 2018


See why people love our annual conventions:

“The National Right to Life convention is not like any other convention because it is the epitome of the pro-life movement, so if you are pro-life you must come to the family gathering; it’s just like Thanksgiving. It’s where we can learn from each other, sharpen our tools, and refuel for the journey with new inspiration. To maximize the experience, you really must bring people along. Those shared experiences forge lifelong relationships and make your local community stronger. For me, I am thankful to see how far I have come throughout the years. I learned much from many staff members of National Right to Life. I am a firm believer in this family and network as the foundation, hub, and authority of our beloved pro-life movement and all it provided to shape my thinking through invaluable lessons learned and best practices, which remain at the core of our methods for best results. Each of us no matter how far we have come still need mentors, so the convention is an opportunity to reinforce relationships and build new ones which help all of us with the encouragement and support we need to go continue our work. I would encourage everyone to make a point to come and to support one another. Together, we win!”

-Esther Hurni-Ripplinger, Executive Director of Human Life of Washington

From Left: Esther Ripplinger, Rai Rojas (Director of Latino Outreach for NRL, Adriana Torres (Hispanic Outreach starter)


“The NRL Convention has something for everyone from those new to the movement to the seasoned pro-lifer with General sessions with national pro-life speakers and experts to workshops on many pro-life topics. It is a great place to be informed, encouraged and motivated for our pro-life work.

I have attended since 1994 and the convention gets better every year! You’ll meet real pro-life heroes and get practical help in your pro-life work.  The NRL Convention is a “must” for anyone wanting to learn from the experts in  the pro-life movement — three days of the biggest and the brightest at the best national convention for pro-lifers in our country!”
-Rose Mimms, Executive Director of Arkansas Right to Life









“The three days of the National Right to Life Convention represents the annual gathering of America’s pro-life ‘family’ and it is like coming home again.”

-Dr. Jean Garton, at the NRLC General Session in Louisville, Kentucky (2014)

Dr. Jean Garton, a pro-life hero, passed away on Dec. 23, 2016. May she rest in peace.