July 15, 2019

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  1. Targeted 21st Century Communication Technology Made Easy: Boomers, GenXers and Millennials Use SmartPhones, You Should Too
    Patti Morris
    Are you looking for the next greatest thing in political and membership outreach technology? It’s no secret the face of issue advocacy is changing and for individuals or organizations seeking to engage, influence and grow their audience, two-way communication is key. Patti Morris of Tele-Town Hall will cover the cutting-edge outreach solutions you need and desire to take your cause to the next level. In this workshop you will learn how to utilize; Peer to Peer SMS Texting, Tele-Town Halls, automated calls (robocalls), TTH Wallet and more for event recruitment, fundraising, Get-Out-The Vote (GOTV), persuasion and polling.
  2. Are You A Persuasive Pro-Lifer? Tips for Changing Hearts and Minds
    Benjamin Clapper
    Do you feel you have trouble persuasively presenting the pro-life position to others? Need a few tips on how to be a more effective communicator? Join this workshop to become a more persuasive pro-lifer as we set a goal of a “conversation a day” to change the hearts and minds of our nation towards life.
  3. Providing Support and Leadership in Churches
    Ernest Ohlhoff, Rev Frank Pavone, Rev Paul Stallsworth, Thomas Glessner,
    Rev J. Kirk van der Swaagh
    The National Pro-Life Religious Council consists of representatives from a variety of denominations. The workshop will present suggestions and strategies to help individuals and local pro-life groups strengthen the outreach within the pro-life churches and how to bring patient, courteous, and persistent persuasion to churches that do not express a pro-life position. This workshop will provide handouts and at least one third of the workshop will be devoted to questions and answers.
  4. New Research on Fetal Pain Shows Legislation Very Much Needed
    Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., Jennifer Popik, J.D., Ingrid Duran
    One of the things that make the humanity of the unborn child apparent is his or her ability to feel pain. Though there are still some who try to argue that these children don’t feel pain until late in pregnancy or even after birth, new research tells us that evidence of pain is there at least as soon as the early second trimester. These new findings will be presented, along with details on the progress of Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection legislation in the states, Congress, and the courts.
  5. Recent Legal Developments in Abortion, Religious Freedom and Campaign Finance
    James Bopp, Jr., J.D.
    Mr. Bopp will discuss recent developments in the courts on abortion, religious freedom
    and campaign finance with emphasis on developments in the Supreme Court.
  6. Terri’s Legacy: Building a Network that Will Save Lives
    Bobby Schindler
    It’s every family’s worst nightmare — a loved one is desperately ill and doctors refuse treatment on the grounds that the care is futile. Where do you turn? Whom do you call? Hospital ethics committees, family members who stand to gain financially, and promoters of the euthanasia movement are working together to end the lives of the medically vulnerable every day. It is time for the pro-life movement to stand in the gap and do what it does best — advocate for life. Find out how you can help the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network build a nationwide network of medical and legal professionals willing to step in and advocate for the lives of those who are at risk. The time to act is now — the lives you save could be closer to home than you ever thought possible.
  7. By The Numbers: Understanding Abortion Polling Data
    David N. O’Steen, Ph.D.
    If you get confused with the ever-growing number of polls on the abortion issue and want to know and understand exactly what they mean, this session is for you! Dr. O’Steen will explain the importance of understanding how to read polls on the abortion and euthanasia issues, the necessity of correctly phrasing the question asked in a poll, and how to better understand polling results.
  8. Parliamentary Procedure Basics
    Michelle Fischbach, J.D.
    Having a basic knowledge of parliamentary procedure will help pro-lifers not only understand the basics of running a meeting and effectively promoting pro-life initiatives, it can also help pass pro-life legislation. This workshop will provide an introduction into the parliamentary procedure basics.
  9. Overcoming Apathy and Pro-Abortion Opposition in All Denominations
    Rev. Paul Stallsworth, Rev J. Kirk van der Swaagh
    The speakers in this workshop, one a pastor and one a ruling elder, are working to establish and strengthen a pro-life base in their respective denominations. One denomination is openly pro-life and one leans heavily pro-abortion. The presenters will review the process and activities they are pursuing to build pro-life support with pastors and members at a local level as well as coordinating efforts to pass pro-life resolutions at the denominations’ annual meetings. Practical suggestions will be made by these experienced leaders on how best to begin the process of changing hearts and minds by being living witnesses of the Gospel’s message on life.
  10. Marketing 101: Bypassing the Filter in the Digital Age
    Derrick Jones, Pamela Rucinski, Cheryl Lewis
    Just like the country’s largest corporations, so too does the right-to-life movement need to focus on how to make our message heard and seen in the marketplace of ideas. But with ever-tightening budgets, how can you effectively market the pro-life issues in your area without spending a fortune on traditional advertising? Using successful marketing examples, this workshop will explore how to build a marketing program that will get your unfiltered message to the masses.
  11. IRS and Non-Profit Compliance
    James Bopp, Jr., J.D.
    Mr. Bopp will discuss the recent efforts of the IRS to muzzle conservative groups and how pro-life groups can comply with the IRS requirements for non-profit organizations.
  12. Defending Schools, Pro-Life is Pro-Science
    Pat Castle
    A person’s understanding of when life begins is a matter of life or death for their children. Dr. Pat Castle has a PhD in nano-analytical chemistry from studying the atomic level. He sees a zygote, our first cell, as the full blueprints of our body. An ultrasound looks like an IMAX theater to him. Dr. Pat taught when life begins as a chemistry professor at the United States Air Force Academy for seven years, at William Woods University for one year, and at Jefferson City High School for two years. He discovered that many biology teachers were intentionally not covering when life begins, how ironic. Dr. Pat confronted the culture and covered the beginning of life in his chemistry classes. He learned how to present the truth with pro-choice students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Dr. Pat empowers and equips parents and teachers on how to confront and fill this culture gap, so students have the scientific truth about their life choices.
  13. Recent State Pro-Life Laws–Idealist or Pragmatic: Pursuing an Effective Legal
    Strategy to Protect the Unborn and Overturn Roe v. Wade.
    James Bopp, Jr., J.D., David N. O’Steen, Ph.D.
    States are considering various proposals to regulate or even prohibit abortion. This workshop will examine these proposals and assess their utility to accomplish pro-life goals.
  14. The Pro-Life Movement and Congress: 2019
    Jennifer Popik, J.D.
    National Right to Life’s Federal Legislative Director, Jennifer Popik, J.D. discusses National Right to Life’s work to advance the pro-life agenda and to resist the abortion agenda in the current 115th Congress.
  15. Reaching Your Target Audience with Digital Media
    Heather Weininger
    When reaching our target audience of abortion-vulnerable women, we need to understand where they are obtaining their information. This includes: news, television viewing habits, social media platforms and how they interact on these platforms. As part of the Veritas Society at Wisconsin Right to Life, our program has changed from TV advertising to digital advertising. Once you attend this session, you will be able to understand why digital advertising is a better platform than TV to reach our target audience, how to use it effectively, how to use data collected from ad campaigns, and how ads are tested and produced to best reach our target audience.
  16. When They Say . . . You Say
    Olivia Gans Turner
    A must-attend session every year, the speakers in this workshop give suggestions on how to respond in a positive manner when discussion abortion, including the hard-issue questions or situations. They will explain how you can learn to speak in sound bites, provide specific tools for you to use to better promote the pro-life message, and give hints on how to get your pro-life message across to your friends, family, and the public in general.
  17. Assisted Suicide Battles Rage in Nearly Every State ~ Is Your State Next?
    Mary Hahn Beerworth, Scott Fischbach
    The threat of doctor-prescribed suicide is advancing in the states. Moreover, the next Supreme Court nomination could lead to legalization of euthanasia nationwide. Assisting suicide is now legal in California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and, via the courts in Montana. With battles raging in states across the country, the ongoing battle in Vermont will be discussed as will other battles nationwide. This workshop will give background and break open the myths surrounding doctor-prescribed suicide. The speakers will cover the current legal and legislative landscape, describe some different kinds of successful winning (and losing strategies), and talk about what you can do in your own state. In the wake of massive state legislative push and upcoming Supreme Court nominations, it is more important than ever that doctor-prescribed suicide be stopped in its tracks
  18. Social Media for the Grassroots
    Abby Loftus
    This workshop focuses on teaching pro-life individuals to use their unique voices, online, to make a maximum impact for life through social media. Social media provides an inexpensive, easily accessible, and powerful medium from which to express your beliefs and share important right-to-life news and information. Learn about the tools at your disposal and how to put them to use for life.
  19. Socio-Economic Problems and Abortion
    Sarah Zagorski
    Poverty, abuse, and the neglect of children; these are all social problems abortion activists use to promote their agenda and justify abortion. However, with the proper tools pro-life activists can uproot their arguments and refute abortion as a solution. At this workshop, Sarah will give insight from her childhood life in poverty and foster care, as well as from her professional experience in the pro-life movement. With over 90% of women choosing abortion due to socio-economic challenges, it is imperative that pro-lifers know how to approach this delicate and sensitive topic.
  20. Be The Revolution: Why Grassroots Organizing is the Power of the Pro-Life Movement
    Scott Fischbach
    Grassroots organizing is more than just the foundation of the pro-life movement, it’s what gives our movement the power to shake people out of their apathy, affect legislation and elections, and save lives! Learn practical tips as well as general principles that will help you inspire and activate pro-lifers in your state and in your community.
  21. Restoring Biblical Foundations for Human Life, Human Rights, Civil Government, Law, and How God Relates to Nations.
    Thomas Jacobson
    We are facing a national crisis because less than 10% of Christians have the most basic understanding of a Biblical worldview, which impacts our ability to defend the sanctity of human life and the right to life. In an easy to understand format, this workshop will provide the Biblical and Judeo-Christian foundations for the sanctity of human life and human rights, and the original God-given purposes of civil government and law to protect human life. Then we will examine how God views innocent bloodshed of children, and how He responds and holds nations accountable, and what are some evidences of His judgments. We will conclude with what is our basis for redemption, restoration and hope for the future. (This material is taken from the Abortion Worldwide Report [GLC Publications, 2018].)
  22. Unbroken ~ Trials of Faith
    Nicole Flynn
    What happens when someone is robbed of their innocence as a child, thrust into adulthood as an adolescent and has a near death accident which leaves them comatose and rated a level 4 on the Glasgow Coma scale. My name is Nicole Flynn and I am that someone. I was sexually abused by my mothers boyfriend as a child, abandoned by my own father as a teen and survived a motor vehicle involved collision which nearly took my life. It is my hope that from hearing my story that I can not only raise awareness for the dangers of distracted driving, have light shed on the evils of abortion and euthanasia, and walk away feeling inspired knowing that no matter what you can overcome anything.
  23. Religious Outreach: Establishing a Pro-Life Presence in Community Churches
    Ernest L. Ohlhoff
    The speaker in this workshop will provide hands-on, practical suggestions on how to build an effective pro-life committee in your local church. The four key activities necessary to build and maintain an effective church pro-life committee: education, identification, organization, and communication will be emphasized. Handouts will include reprints from the power point presentation that will be shown in this session, organizational guidelines, project guidelines, and other valuable information.
  24. Communications 101: A Basic Media Primer
    Derrick Jones, Laura Echevarria
    Working with and responding to journalists to fairly and accurately report on the right-to-life issues can seem daunting. But with the right outlook, and the right relationships, we can effectively change misconceptions about the right-to-life movement and enhance a journalist’s understanding of pro-life issues. This workshop concentrates on the fundamentals of establishing an effective press outreach program in a state organization or local chapter with a focus on building relationships that can encourage accurate reporting on right-to-life issues.
  25. Pro-Life Concerns About Girl Scouts
    Ann Saladin
    Should pro-lifers and parents support the Girl Scouts? The Girl Scouts (USA) say they take no position on abortion, but former Girl Scouts and pro-life leaders tell a different story. This workshop will help sort through much of the information available and will separate fact from fiction. Ann Saladin will document the problems, and explain why the Girl Scout controversy matters so much. Get the facts.
  26. Errors of the 2018 National Academies of Sciences Report Stating Abortion is Safe
    Dr. Angela Lanfranchi
    The recent 2018 report on the “Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in the United States” is rife with errors. Although the report found no long term adverse health effects of abortion save for very pre term birth Dr. Lanfranchi will demonstrate errors in the analyses of the long-term health effects of abortion by detailing their evaluation of breast cancer as a health risk of abortion.
  27. A plethora of abortion data: Late-term abortions, abortions by race and more from the Abortion Worldwide Report project
    Thomas W. Jacobson, Wm. Robert Johnston
    The Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR) project seeks to equip U.S. and international pro-life advocates with a range of relevant information–covering global abortion policies, abortion numbers, and the theological, moral, and policy foundations for protection of human life. This workshop will cover a range of updates and new work since last year. We’ll review policies and available data on late-term abortions state-by-state in comparison to international trends. Most countries that report late-term abortion numbers have increasing trends in recent years, which has implications for U.S. policies. We’ll also summarize estimates on U.S. abortions by race/ethnicity, affirming findings by others on high levels of abortions among African-Americans but also showing increasing numbers of abortions by Hispanics. Finally, we’ll discuss flaws in pro-abortion groups’ estimates of worldwide abortion levels.
  28. Our Most Effective P.R. Tool: Fund-Raising at the Grassroots
    Brian Cusack
    The prolife movement does not possess the resources to budget thousands and thousands of dollars strictly for promotional purposes. However, we do possess a dynamic public relations tool . . . our willingness to fund-raise. Every time you sponsor a grassroots fund-raising event, you are interacting with your community at large. Your instructor in this workshop, Brian Cusack, Director of Development for Right to Life of Michigan, is a 37-year veteran in the prolife movement. As a part of this information-packed workshop, you will receive a 119-page “Fund-raising Directory” packed with proven ideas to raise money at the local level. “I’m anxious to share with you a tool that is more than three decades in the making. Give me just one hour of your time; I can guarantee you will walk away with some dynamite ideas to take home!”
  29. Organizing a Successful Latino Outreach
    Raimundo Rojas
    Latinos are the largest minority in the United States and a natural pro-life constituency. National Right to Life aims to work with those wanting to educate and work with Latinos on the life issues. Learn the best practices for effectively working to spread the pro-life message in the Latino community.
  30. Not available
  31. Essential Elements for Successful Elections in 2020
    Darla St. Martin, David N. O’Steen, Ph.D., Karen Cross
    The speakers in this session will discuss what the pro-life movement must do now and in the coming months to prepare for a victory for unborn children in 2020.
  32. Not available
  33. 2019: Do’s and Don’t’s for Effective Pro-Life Lobbying: Legislators’ Perspectives –Rep. Lin Bennett, Drew McKissick,
    Attend this workshop and learn from our pro-life South Carolina state senators and representatives who can tell you first hand what works and what doesn’t! These pro-life legislators have led the way in making South Carolina a state that truely respects life!
  34. Unrestricted Abortion and Mental Health: What We Know and What We Don’t Know
    Maureen L. Curley, Ph.D., APRN
    This talk will review the psychological implications of unrestricted access to elective abortion in light of recent legislative initiatives in Vermont and elsewhere
  35. Down syndrome ~ What Prenatal Testing Won’t Tell you
    Eileen Haupt
    A tragically high number of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome, while still in the womb, are aborted. New, non-invasive prenatal tests threaten to reduce the number of babies born with Down syndrome even further. It is critical for pro-lifers to understand more about Down syndrome and the ramifications of using prenatal testing and abortion to eliminate babies with this condition. Eileen will provide information and interesting facts about Down syndrome, the connection between prenatal testing and abortion, how new research may lead to treatment of cognitive impairment, and will share the reality, especially the joys, of having a child with Down syndrome.
  36. Impacting the Present and Building the Future: How To Impact High School Campuses
    T.J Burgess
    How can you build up and sustain a pro-life legacy? Long-term pro-life success begins with YOUTH! Many states do outreach and pro-life education at the high school level. Come learn about why these initiatives are key for your state, and some simple steps to make them a success. Learn how to identify the needs for each campus, and how to work with pro-life teachers in existing pro-life groups. Discuss how to coordinate your own events and how to offer your services to already existing programs. By building relationships with students, you can help them become invigorated, motivated, and ready to stand up for pro-life issues and take on leadership roles. This initiative is invaluable to the pro-life movement! T.J. Burgess will challenge the attendees of this session with a brief task and see how they can easily multiply active pro-life youth groups in their state. The why and importance of Pro-Life groups on public high school campuses will be covered along with six easy steps and timeline to make it happen at your local public high school.
  37. Communicate, Convert, and Commit: The Art of Pro-Life Persuasion
    Raimundo Rojas, Lori Kehoe, Dave Andrusko
    Three pro-life authors and grassroots activists will share the strategies they’ve utilized to make the case for life in every imaginable situation, whether in front of a staunch pro-life audience or facing the glare of the most hostile anti-life environment. Whether the setting is a debate or writing for the Web, there will be tips covering A-to-Z. Come and learn why a one size does not fit all audiences.
  38. The Myth of the “Unwanted Child: Special Needs Adoption”
    Joleigh Little
    It is the phrase that makes every single pro-lifer cringe. “What about the unwanted children?” While we live in a world where many children still need families, that doesn’t ever make those children “unwanted.” As pro-lifers, it is our job to share that reality with the world. There is an answer to the crisis of children living without families to love them. That answer is adoption. One at a time, these children who wait are being brought home and given families. Learn from an adoptive mom of two daughters just how precious each and every life is. If you are curious about adoption, come, listen and learn. If you have felt a tug at your heart to consider adoption, let Ms. Little tell you about her girls — but more importantly, let her tell you about the children just like them who still wait in their home countries and in orphanages around the world. Find out how you can pray and advocate for these children who wait, often in horrifying circumstances, abandoned simply because they have special needs.
  39. Horatio R. Storer, Ethical Doctor and the Father of the Modern Right to Life Movement
    Brian Johnston
    Horatio R. Storer, physician and founder of modern gynecology, was a medical student in Boston, MA and Edinburgh, Scotland. A young man in Boston, he lived in the heart of anti-slavery ardor. In 1857, the year of the Dred Scott decision, he traveled to Edinburgh to continue his studies. With new ties to the UK, Storer understood that the British had foreshadowed and led the way to ending slavery in all of its possessions 30 years before the U.S (Parliament’s Slavery Abolition Act of 1833). More importantly, as a physician and dedicated to studying maternal health and child-birth, he saw that the British led the way in science and medicine as well. Storer considered the unborn child to be, “my second patient.” Storer knew abortion was quietly being practiced in the United States at the time. In 1861 the UK passed the “Offenses against the Person Act”, and as it had prohibited human slavery, it then prohibited human abortion via this measure. On his return to the U.S., Storer took up the cause of protecting human life via the law. He organized within the newly formed AMA, an effort to end the practice of human abortion in each of the states. Abortion laws, as with most ‘crimes against the person,’ were determined by the laws of the several states. It was this conscientious, scientific work of Storer and the AMA that established the laws against abortion in the United States, and affirmed the right of those children to be alive. As with slavery, the objective fact of their humanity was now reflected in the law.
  40. How to Establish a College Pro-Life Scholarship Training Program in Your State
    Doreen Shirek
    Do you want college students to get involved in your state? We encourage you to consider starting a scholarship program, and equip college students to train the next generation of the most abortion-vulnerable population in the US: other college students! Wisconsin Right to Life will provide state Right to Life leaders with information from our highly successful college scholarship training programs, and share how to establish and manage these programs to mentor students who want to start Pro-Life groups on their campuses. Copies of the training schedules, guidelines for continuous one-on-one mentorship, ideas for funding the program, advertising information, activity ideas for the students, and other materials will be shared.
  41. Grassroots Lobbying 101: The Basics
    Ingrid Duran, Holly Gatling
    Come and learn how to effectively lobby your representative for the pro-life cause. This workshop will provide the general rules for being a persuasive advocate for the unborn and the vulnerable. You will also get important techniques from successful lobbyists in various states offices that have passed life-saving legislation.
  42. “I’ve Had an abortion!” What do you say next? Finding the right words
    Olivia Gans Turner, Karen Cross, Greg Hasek MA/MFT LPC, LMHC
    What to say when some one you know, or a stranger, tells you about a previous abortion. Are there right and wrong things to say? Can you help or hurt with the things you do or say in that moment? This workshop will provide a guide to how to show compassion and concern that may lead to her or him getting counseling or spiritual care.
  43. The Escalating Struggle at the UN to Prevent the Establishment of Abortion as
    a Fundamental Human Right Worldwide
    Raimundo Rojas, Scott Fischbach
    Raimundo Rojas, National Right to Life director of Latino Outreach, will describe the ongoing battles at the UN in New York and Geneva to prevent the establishment of abortion as a fundamental human right worldwide and in particular the increasing threats to the unborn in African countries. Yizbeleni Gallardo Bahena gives an update on happenings in Mexico.
  44. Surviving Unplanned Pregnancies
    Honorable Lynda Bell, Ingrid Duran
    A mother whose teenage daughter unexpectedly became pregnant and a young mother who experienced teenage pregnancy will tell their personal stories. Learn from each of these two unique perspectives in this workshop. Don’t miss this riveting session that deals with the importance of parental involvement in an abortion decision and how to effectively build a pro-life culture that positively responds to teenage pregnancy.
  45. List Development and Maintenance: Learning and Utilizing the Basics
    Andrew Sabak, Marjorie Higgins
    Chapter volunteers work with pro life supporters year round at the local level. State right to life offices organize and strengthen those relationships with accurate information using enhanced computer processes. Learn how to schedule those computer processes to be ready for critical events such as pro-life legislation and alerts that have a narrow response window of time.
  46. When the Shouting Stops: Understanding what is behind the “Shout Your Abortion Campaign
    Oliva Gans Turner
    Why the Shout your Abortion Campaign is just another chapter in the Post abortion trauma experience in America and how to react to the women who participate. What do the organizers think will happen to the public debate? To read between the lines of the comments that women are making on the web and in public will help shed more light on the pain and their need to rationalize the decisions that ended their babies’ lives. Abortion always leaves scars and this new project sheds light on that.
  47. Under New Planned Parenthood President, Abortion Still Key
    Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D.
    Planned Parenthood has chosen doctor Leana Wen as its new president, but anyone who hoped for a new direction for the nation’s top abortion chain has so far been disappointed. Though Wen has talked about contraceptives and cancer screenings and other medical services, she has not backed down from the organization’s heavy abortion advocacy and performance. This workshop will get you up to date on Planned Parenthood’s new president and the group’s continued efforts to expand its lucrative abortion empire.
  48. Living in the Bulls-eye of Euthanasia
    John Wayne Cockfield
    Is there now a “values test” in America to determine who is worthy of life? This workshop will examine euthanasia from the perspective of someone who lives directly in the bulls-eye. Wayne Cockfield, a disabled Vietnam War veteran, will discuss the growing threat of euthanasia for all medically vulnerable and devalued people living in a society that now sees killing as a viable medical treatment. He will discuss how abortion on demand has led directly to euthanasia in the United States. Is killing ever compassionate? Has the “right to die” become the “duty to die” for those that do not measure up? Come hear the truth