2020 Oratory & Video Contest

Oratory Contest

All state winners need to make a video of their winning speech and submit the video or a link to the video to Scott Fischbach by the end of day on Friday, June 19, 2020.  The video should be only of the student’s speech with no background distractions, noise, music, etc.
His email address is SFischbach@aol.com.
Those submissions will be divided up and judged to determine the highest 6 contestants and those 6 will go onto the final round to determine the top 3 contestants – first, second and third place!  The winners will be announced on the National Right to Life website (NRLC.ORG) and the National Right to Life Facebook page, as well as emailed to the state offices participating in the contest, on Friday afternoon, June 26, 2020.  Winners should receive their check by early July, 2020. 

All rules, time limits, etc. apply as they would for the in-person contest.  Here is a link to those rules: 
For any questions, please contact Scott Fischbach at SFischbach@aol.com.