National Right to life convention

The Convention may have been postponed until next year, but this upcoming event starts May 10 and continues through June 10!


Watch the hit play that premiered at last year’s convention from the comfort of your home!

NRL Convention

National Right to Life's Premier Annual Event

We can't wait to see you!
The National Right to Life Convention is the essential pro-life educational and training event of the year. During this two-day event, national experts on life issues gather in one place to equip the pro-life grassroots with the knowledge and skills they need to advance our cause.

Learn from the best, mingle with like-minded people, hear and meet amazing speakers, and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to go home, get to work and save lives!






See what people have to say about our annual conventions!

The three days of the National Right to Life Convention represents the annual gathering of America’s pro-life ‘family’ and it is like coming home again.

Dr. Jean Garton

It’s a totally different experience from the outside world. It’s a total immersion into the other world of fighting for life.

Karen Loftus

The diverse crowd, representing every segment of the population, demonstrates what polls have repeatedly shown: that the majority of Americans oppose abortion on demand.

Carol Tobias

The National Right to Life convention is not like any other convention because it is the epitome of the pro-life movement, so if you are pro-life you must come to the family gathering; it’s just like Thanksgiving. It’s where we can learn from each other, sharpen our tools, and refuel for the journey with new inspiration. To maximize the experience, you really must bring people along. Those shared experiences forge lifelong relationships and make your local community stronger.

Esther Ripplinger